Versatile Structure Detailing

Curved Geometry Plate Girder Bridges, Skewed Bridges, Flared Girder Ramp Extensions, Kicker Beams, Bi-Furcating Girder Framing, Towers, Trusses, Railroad Thru Girder, Standard Wide Flange UPRR/CSX jobs, Tunnel, Pay Weight Spreadsheets, Cofferdams, Tubular Gantry Structures and Pedestrian Bridges. 


REHAB No job is too small. Fascinated by historical Drawings, we re-create Replica Girder, Bracket, Arch Rib Members, Repair Gusset Connections & Fascia Support Shop Drawings. Design-Build, Add-to-Existing, Widening & Staged Construction jobs always welcomed.


Drawings & Services

PDC has been detailing Structural Steel Bridges & similar Structures since 1993 and has completed 750 projects to date. We have an excellent reputation for Quality, Reliability, Know-how and Service. Our experience combined with the continuous evolvement of Proprietary Detailing Software enable us to deliver on-time & ahead of time accurate drawings.

  • Fully detailed Structural Steel Erection plans with Clear Erector Friendly Sectional Views
  • Customized Fabrication Shop Drawing Package to suit client Detailing Standards
  • Field Work Drawings for New and Existing Structures
  • Quotes for Shop Dwg Preparation/Drafting Costs for each prospect project
  • Full & Progressive Shop Assembly Diagrams with XYZ values when requested
  • Advance Bill of Material, Pay Weight Lists, Shipping Weight Lists, Field Bolt Driving Lists
  • Anchor Bolt Plans & Bearing Component Installation Drawings
  • Plate Girder Web Cutting Sketches Cambered with Cut/Scribe lines & Drilling Procedures
  • Individual Geometry & Connection Sketches
  • Complete record of Worksheets & Calculation plans
  • Individual Job Standard Details and DXF files for PL work, DSTV Cutting & Drilling Files upon request
  • Shop Bill extracted onto Excel Spreadsheet for Material Production Control
  • Drawing files & Email correspondence safely stored in our main directory. Transmittal letters properly filed and Drawing Log updated
  • Prompt application of Approval Comments with detailed PDC Action/Reply documentation
  • Same day Update or Revisions to shop drawings when required by either Design Changes or Shop request for modification
  • Design Drawings checked for Camber errors, Geometry discrepancies and general conflicts among details
  • Request for Information (RFI) preparation issued directly from detailer
  • Weekly Progress Report showing Status of each job, Out for Approval dates and percentage of Completion
  • Real-Time communication with Client by phone or email available any Calendar Day with mostly same day replies
  • Direct Coordination with Contractor, when instructed by Client to clarify and/or answer Erector’s Questions.
  • Up to date with all AISC/AASHTO Steel Specifications and any State Department of Transportation Bridge Specifications
  • Familiar with Several Fabricators Detailing Standard books and methods of Shop Drawing presentation
  • AISC Fabricator Audit: Available Yearly Updated Policy Statement & pages of Detailed Quality Assurance Procedures